Leadership Attributes in Times of Crisis

Dear Readers,

It is indeed a most extraordinary time. As I wrote recently for the Dallas Morning News’ special section on the presidency, trust is a critical leadership attribute—and it must be earned every day. Americans are adrift without the bedrock knowledge that our elected officials are serving the whole country and faithfully defending the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.

Many people have written me to say that How Ike Led: The Principles Behind Eisenhower’s Biggest Decisions is highly relevant during this difficult time. Please join me on Twitter and help me amplify the critical nature of sound leadership, especially now: @eisenhowergroup.

I hope in the coming weeks that you will watch the book discussion I had with George Hammond at the Commonwealth Club, now on CSPAN Book TV. Or take time to listen to the podcast that the Association of the United States Army did with me recently. There have been so many events, including a discussion with Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Chairman of the RNC, about Dwight Eisenhower, race relations then and now, and the future of the Republican Party. These were only a few of the engagements I enjoyed since I last wrote you.

For anyone who would like to tune in for a book discussion this Thursday, September 3, Politics and Prose will be hosting me for a lunchtime book talk.

Next time you hear from me I will share some further thoughts about what leaders do when challenges seem insurmountable. I think, in that context, Ike still has much to say to us—and I have a few thoughts of my own! In the meantime, stay well.


How Ike Led: “A moving account… there could not be a better time to read this book.” –Michael Korda • Available now
How Ike Led is highly relevant during this difficult time.

8 thoughts on “Leadership Attributes in Times of Crisis

  1. Hello Susan.. I saw you on the Today Show and look forward to seeing the new memorial and reading your book. My grandfather, Irineo Esperancilla, was the Chief Navy Steward serving your grandfather, President Eisenhower at Camp David from 1953-1955. My grandfather also served for President Eisenhower at the Geneva Summit in Switzerland. I have been working on my grandfather’s memoirs and have found priceless pictures and stories of his service, including his memories at Camp David with President and Mrs. Eisenhower, and their grandchildren. My grandfather served Presidents Hoover, FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower. From serving quietly behind the scenes, my grandfather has a profound perspective of these Presidents, their leadership, and their legacies that he has written in his memoirs; it is amazing how they are relevant today. I would be honored to share his story with you.

  2. Susan my name is Georgiana Helms granddaddy George W. Helms. He was your dads first commanding officer when Ike came out of west point. Your mother and grandmother were good friends. She visited Green Level. You can get it touch with me Georgiana Helms Chrisman 53 Angell Lane Boones Mill, VA 24065-4233 or phone 540 353 3302. Have a blessed day. Georgiana

  3. Just completed reading How Ike Led and enjoyed much. He was my President in the 1950’s, only one I knew. Graduated Hight School 1957. You might like to know one detail in your book is not correct. Emmett Till was not killed in Alabama. He was killed in Misssissippi. He whistled at a white girl in front of a store in Money, MS, that night was abducted, beaten, tied to a cotton gin fan and thrown into a river. The abductors were arrested, tried in Sumner, MS and found not guilty.

  4. Thank You Susan. What a perfect synopsis of the moment. You are such a necessary voice in these times in which WE live. I always appreciate your eloquent words of Wisdom. Thank You for being who you are .

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