Uncle Sam Needs You

How Ike Led is a powerful addition to a leader’s bookshelf. The author’s unique perspective as Eisenhower’s granddaughter offers the reader personal anecdotes and insights on strategic thought and character not found in previously published biographies of Eisenhower. To understand Dwight Eisenhower, read Susan Eisenhower.”

Association of The United States Army

“Granddaughter of President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower and leader of Gettysburg College’s Eisenhower Institute, [Susan Eisenhower] has pored through the record of her grandfather’s career and distilled what made him a great leader both on the battlefield and in government. … A direct witness to Ike’s later years, the author draws on memories of her grandfather, and these highly personal anecdotes supplement her research. Armchair historians will treasure this book.”


Dear Readers,

It is with considerable trepidation that one reads the newspapers these days. It seems like a perfect storm of crises has overcome our country. The deep divisions in the United States are what Dwight Eisenhower would say are “a welcomed sight for an alert enemy.” But these fissures are more than a national security issue. Covid-19, the economic slump, racial tensions and now the defunding of the United States Postal Service all threaten public confidence in our democracy’s capacity to ensure justice, access to economic opportunity and free and fair elections. Talk to your friends and encourage them to join this or any other civil discussion about the future of our country. Make sure they vote.

How Ike Led is my contribution to the dialogue we are having with ourselves. We should “expect more”—a phrase someone should turn into a hashtag on Twitter. The book was launched on August 11 and I am especially pleased that I have heard from so many people who are, in their words, learning new things about General and President Eisenhower. I have been especially gratified by the reaction of college-aged students who have found merit in learning about a time when our leaders addressed the crises of the day in ways that inspired confidence, not undermined it.

This week, I will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, as well as the Boston Public Library (in partnership with WGBH). I welcome you to join the conversation.

In case you missed, this last week I also did interviews with a number of outlets, but I would single out the podcast with National Review’s Jay Nordlinger,  From the Green Notebook by military writer Joe Byerly, and AUSA’s podcast Army Matters.

With best wishes and stay well!

How Ike Led: “Inspirational… with lessons highly relevant and desperately needed for current and aspiring leaders.” –Robert M. Gates • Available now
General and President Eisenhower have much to teach us on leadership in times of crisis

5 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Needs You

  1. The book was a delight. I came away knowing the General even better than my many years of reading about and admiring him — and my visit to Abilene last summer — had already allowed. I am grateful for his splendid service in war and in peace and for the sterling example he set for my generation in the Fifties. We were in need of it then and we are in need of it again today. The author most certainly now has my gratitude, as well. Let’s hope for the wide readership her work richly deserves.

    Ed Chambliss
    Morris Township, NJ

  2. Susan,
    As a casual/ongoing student of your estimable Granddad, will aim to read this recent publication of yours for what its worth.
    Sounds like it could provide some contextual insights into our present day challenges of pivotal magnitude.
    Jas. M. McHale
    East Elmhurst, NYC

  3. Amazing. Simply amazing. This man not only led our nation (and Allies) to defeat the most powerful force our world had ever seen, he led our nation through one of the most sensitive and difficult times in our history. As a leader in the military or in business, there is no more valuable resource than this incredibly-written book.

  4. Your book is out in the UK on September 1st, so I have ordered it and will get it in just over two weeks. And the commendations and reviews have been stellar!

  5. How completely wonderful! As I am writing two books on Ike (for Lyons Press and for Rowman & Littlefield) this will be essential reading. How appropriate that in this time of crisis one of America’s greatest leaders in both war and peace is getting his full due. Christopher Catherwood

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