A Note to the Reader

Over the years, I have found it enormously satisfying to write this blog and to offer comments on our current political scene. It has been some time since I have made a contribution to this site, but I hope to continue writing here on the completion of a book I have undertaken. My publication date is May 2020.

15 thoughts on “A Note to the Reader

  1. Delighted you are stepping back into the fray. None of the presently declared candidates for President of the United States has your qualifications to bring our country together and defuse the stand off with Russia.

  2. Hurry back. Yours is an eloquent and powerful voice. We may not always agree but I want to hesr your perspective. Be well.

  3. Hi Susan, that’s good news for all of us who have missed your insightful comments. Warm Regards,
    Dan Sharp

  4. Look forward to it Susan!
    Please give us a few hints about your book!
    Would also look forward to your comments on
    our current national situation!

    Welcome back!

    Paul J. Hansen

  5. A question:
    In September of 1962 I traveled on the SS America from LeHavre, France to New York to attend Denison U in Ohio.
    On the way we stopped at Southampton, UK, and President Eisenhower, his wife and 2 of his grandchildren were brought on board.
    For some years – actually since I attended a conference with you in Mainz in the 90s – I have wodered if you were one of the 2 Eisenhower grandkids.
    In any case I have enjoyed following you and I am glad you are back in action.
    Greetings from Germany
    Paul Prengel

  6. I think your writing is powerful and poetic. You give details with strength and great description– and I am eager to see what your book may be about. As a daughter of life long Republicans, but not one any more myself, I am also concerned about the political climate in this country, especially the dreadful rhetoric and downright lying. We have never been at a more horrific and frightening crossroads in this country– even including the Watergate debacle! I think that is because of social media, and our advanced communication technology—and the absolute immoral behavior of political officials– right at the top!

  7. The sadness continues as the international situation deteriorates. We are loosing what it took generations to build. Glad to see you are back blogging.

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