Sky News interview: Obama’s first foreign trip

President Barack Obama’s first foreign trip made headlines all over the world. To provide some analysis, especially on his meeting with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, I gave an interview to Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Editor. Washington Note commentator and foreign policy analyst, Steve Clemons, was interviewed at the same time and spoke about North Korea and Turkey. (Read Clemons’ blog about our interview.) Clemons, one of the most articulate foreign policy realists on the stage today, made waves in the last few days by suggesting that America needed to adopt a more nuanced policy toward North Korea.

Susan Eisenhower, Steve Clemons, and Adam Boulton
Steve Clemons, Adam Boulton, Susan Eisenhower. Photo credit: Jon-Christopher Bua

Sky News, headquartered in Great Britain, is seen in 36 countries in Europe and rivals many American cable news channels for worldwide audience. It is worth checking them out.

As the President wraps up his overseas trip, he comes back to the United States with a very full agenda. The international picture remains very complicated and the President had to avoid boxing himself in. Still, Obama displayed an agility on the international stage that sets a framework for renewing America’s credibility and its capacity to lead.

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