Inspiring Work: The Nuclear Threat Initiative at 20 Years Old

These days it is easy to become cynical, but I take inspiration from leaders who identify seemingly intractable problems and work to bring people together to make our world better–and safer. Here is a great example of that.

The Other Side of the Electronic Age

The pandemic has fostered an explosion of digital and electronic use, creating new dependencies and frustrations. Many efficiencies have been realized. But, when the pandemic is over will we have lost some of the things that made us human?

My September Reasons for Reflection

For me, the sum of Dwight Eisenhower’s professional and personal life will always be linked to September. Within the month there lies a symbol of his leadership and accomplishments, as well as a tragic story of his greatest loss.

The Unnecessary Crisis in Afghanistan

President Biden’s handling of Donald Trump’s flawed peace deal with the Taliban illustrates the bi-partisan nature of our country’s foreign policy crisis.

When the Followers Become Our Leaders

Reflection has brought me to one observation that both hurts and inspires. This year, as we grasped for signs of leadership and courage, it appeared that it came mostly from those in subordinate positions of power. And they had the most to lose.

Halloween? No, Groundhog Day.

The scariest figures are not in costumes anymore—they are the grown-ups, intent on using rumors, lies, and innuendo every day to strike fear in the hearts of us all. Ugly, unfounded rumor promotion and insults have now gone mainstream and may even deliver an election.